Custom Applications

The centralized theme and mission of Schott Textiles is to be able to ask the right questions and deliver exactly what the customer is looking for from the very beginning and a Custom Application allows Schott Textiles to provide a fabric program entirely tailored to fit the customers’ needs from start to finish.

Fabric Development

Customizing fabrics is all about product development. With Schott Textiles’ experienced and knowledgeable sales staff leading the way they can assist you in locating the right fabrics at the best prices for your special needs. Determining the best fabric will include an in depth analysis of fabric content and construction.

Additionally, it is important to determine what other types of performance the customer is looking for in the fabric/fabrics, how will shrinkage control or colorfastness impact the final product and are there established specifications for each? This is just a small sampling of the questions that the experiences sales staff at Schott is trained to ask when helping a customer find the perfect fabric.  Then, one of the most important questions, how does cost fit into all this? Again, a thorough discussion regarding the end product and its anticipated performance is critical to determining the best fabric and the correct finish. Contact a team member today with any questions.

Customized Packaging

Schott Textiles offers customized packaging: whether it be specific width or roll sizes, certain core sizes or even double and fold packaging for retail applications to help the cutting and sewing process flow as smoothly and efficiently as possible for customers. Schott Textiles frequently stocks and supplies canvas Duck Cloth in standard mill roll sizes as well as rolls ranging from 100 yards to 1500 yards because this versatility saves customers time and money as each production facility is unique.

Other Services Offered

Schott Textiles can assist further by palletizing your fabrics for truck shipment & warehouse storage as well as providing customized slitting of fabrics.

All of this flexibility is ultimately designed to save you, our customer, valuable time and money.