What are Greige Goods? Simply put, Greige Goods are fabrics that are just off the loom or knitting machine that are in a natural or unfinished state.

When picking out the right Greige Goods it is important to consider your end use in order to determine what type of weave will best suit your needs.

  • Plain Weave Construction – Fabrics with a Plain Weave Construction: Army Duck Fabrics, Print Cloth Fabrics, Sheeting Fabrics and Osnaburg Fabrics.
  • Oxford Weave Construction – Fabrics with an Oxford Weave Construction: Single Fill Duck Fabrics and Enameling Duck Fabrics.
  • Diagonal Weave Construction- Fabrics with a Diagonal Weave Construction: Drill Fabrics and Twill Fabrics.

At Schott Textiles, we aim to educate our clients and assist them in choosing the right fabric for the job. Please feel free to browse our selection of Greige Goods and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out to a team member who would be happy to help.

Duck Cloth | Single Fill Duck

Single Fill Duck (or Ounce Duck) Fabrics are identified by two single warp yarns woven side by side as one and a single yarn woven in the weft direction. Single Fill Duck Fabrics are determined by their ounce weight. Therefore, a 10 ounce Single Fill Duck Fabric weighs approximately 10 ounces per square yard. We carry two different grades of Single Fill Duck Fabric; an A grade that is suitable for solid color dying (please see Custom Applications) and an AB Grade which is a more utility and economic choice.

Typical Weights: 10oz, 12oz and 14.5oz

Typical Widths: 36”, 48”, 60”, 63” and 72”

Common Applications: Single Fill Duck Fabrics can be used in a myriad of ways, for a variety of canvas bags (tote bags, coin bags, laundry bags, jewelry bags, etc.), drop cloths and corn hole bags.

Number Duck Fabric

Number Duck Fabrics are woven with plied yarns in both the warp and weft direction. Plied yarns are two or more single yarns twisted together which for a much stronger and tighter weave.

Typical Weights: #12 (11.2oz), #10 (14.7oz), #8 (18oz), #6 (21oz) and #4 (24oz)

Typical Widths: 36”, 48”, 60” and 72”

Common Applications: Number Duck Fabrics can be used in a myriad of ways, such as tote bags, tool bags, beach bag, marine totes, luggage, director’s chairs and butterfly chairs.

Summer beach bag on sand with towels and sunglasses
Army Duck Fabric

Army Duck Fabrics are identified by the 2 plied yarns woven in both the warp and weft direction, similar to a Number Duck Fabric. However, Army Duck Fabrics are self-sealing, meaning that the yarns will swell up when exposed to water; therefore making it excellent for outdoor applications. Additionally, Army Duck Fabrics are tightly woven giving them a naturally smooth appearance.

Typical Weights: 10.10oz and 12.65oz

Typical Widths: 37” and 63”

denim fragment 1

Common Applications: Army Duck Fabrics in the Natural or Greige state can be used in a myriad of ways, such as bed rolls, apparel and packs. If you choose to finish the material, two of the most common finishes are a Boat Shrunk Marine Finish and/or a CPAI-84 (Flame Retardant Finish). The applications of these finishes allow the material to be used in all-weather outdoor functions. Some examples include yurts, tenting, boat covers, camper sidewalls, furniture and awnings (please see Custom Applications).

Enameling Duck Fabric

Enameling Duck Fabrics are identified by two single yarns in the warp direction with one single yarn in the weft direction. Enameling Duck Fabrics can be 100% Cotton (typically weighing in at 7oz) or can be a blend of Cotton and Polyester (typically, weighing in at 6.5oz).

Typical Weights: 7oz (Cotton) and 6.5oz (Cotton/Polyester Blend)

Typical Widths: 58”, 63” and 72”

Common Applications: Enameling Duck Fabrics can be used in a myriad of ways, such as aprons, furniture lining, futons, futon covers, home furnishings, pillows, tapestry backing and curtains.

greige fabric aprons
Twill Fabric

Twill Fabrics are typically very tightly woven and easily identified by their diagonal weave. As with Enameling Duck Fabrics, Twill Fabrics can be 100% Cotton or a blend of Polyester and Cotton (typically, weighing in at 7oz the blend percentage can vary).

Typical Weights: 6oz, 7oz and 8oz

Typical Widths: 63”

Common Applications: Twill Fabrics can be used in a myriad of ways such as aprons, chef jackets and pants.

Rear midsection of waitress tying apron in restaurant
Drill Fabric

Drill Fabrics are very similar to Twill Fabrics, but can be distinguished by the 2X1 diagonal weave running toward the left selvage.

Typical Weights: 5.2oz, 7oz

Typical Widths: 40”, 59” and 63”

Common Applications: Drill Fabrics can be used in a myriad of ways, such as laundry bags, crafting, costuming and small totes.

White striped fabric texture for background
Sheeting Fabric

Sheeting Fabrics are plain woven fabrics.

Typical Weights: 4.5oz

Typical Widths: 63”

Common Applications: Sheeting Fabrics can be used in a myriad of ways, such as inexpensive apparel.

Print Cloth Fabric

Print Cloth Fabrics are flat woven fabric similar to Sheeting fabrics, but made with much finer yarns.

Typical Weights: 3.5oz

Typical Widths: 50”

Common Applications: Print Cloth Fabric can be used in a myriad of different ways, such as pillow cases, bed spreads and interlinings.

greige fabric
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