Wholesale Textiles Distributing

 Schott Textiles is known as a leading supplier to manufacturers and retailers in both the US and Global marketplace. Their extensive worldwide supply base allows Schott Textiles to design and source fabrics and related products to meet the demanding needs of a diverse customer base, many of whom are leaders in their industry. Schott Textiles distributes a wide variety of greige & converted fabric on a wholesale level, primarily of cotton and synthetic fiber. Companies have come to rely on Schott Textiles for quality products, competitive pricing and highly reliable customer service.

Customer Service

Dedication to delivering quality products and fair pricing, Schott Textiles emphasizes superior customer service. Their dedicated sales and service staff is committed to ensuring that every experience with Schott Textiles is as informative, positive and productive as possible.

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Business Across the Globe

Schott Textiles has the buying power and financial capabilities to supply fabrics from the most reliable & competitive sources in the world. Schott Textiles can offer you the infrastructure and experience to help you stay competitive in the international textile business.

Schott Textiles Across the United States

The Schott Textiles brand is highly regarded and recognized within the industry as a name synonymous with quality and longevity. Schott Textiles is currently operating with a customer base in 44 of the 50 states in the US, but looking to expand. The Schott brothers realize the importance of staying relevant with the times; therefore, they have expanded their inventory and reach significantly to include more synthetic fabrics as the industry and retail markets are moving in that direction. Nevertheless, cotton and blended industrial fabrics will continue to be the foundation for Schott Textiles.