Greige Fabric & Textiles
greige fabric

What are Greige Goods/Fabrics? Simply put, Greige Goods/Fabrics are Fabric that is just off the loom or knitting machine that is in an unfinished state. What are Greige Goods/Fabrics? Simply put, Greige Goods/Fabrics are Fabric that is just off the loom or knitting machine that is in an unfinished state.

Dyed Fabric
Rolls of different coloured textile material on a warehouse shelf.

All greige fabrics can be dyed, bleached or printed but not all “fabric qualities” are worth the time & expense of further processing.   Better quality yarns & modern weaving are the starting point for quality fabrics.  In general, the dyeing process itself involves three key steps; fabric preparation, dyeing & finishing.  All of these “steps” can vary depending on the final end use for the fabric.

Custom Applications

The ability to customize and deliver “just what the customer wants” is central to Schott Textiles philosophy of doing business. It starts with listening to our customers & determining the key attributes for their products & fabric needs.

Synthetic Fibers
Woven cloth made of synthetic fibers, as the kitchen litter.

Although the heart and soul of Schott Textiles, Inc. has always been Cotton & Blended Industrial Fabric, we have made steady progress with regard to Synthetic Fabric.

Modern warehouse exterior with loading docks

Our closeout inventory is constantly changing, but is comprised of a wide selection of our inventory including single fill ducks, army ducks, number ducks, twills, drills, sheeting, blended fabrics, denier polyesters and denier nylons in both true seconds and mill seconds. Please contact a salesperson today to find out what we have in stock.

Product: Specifics

All Goods are 100% Cotton unless specified.


Looking for something specific? Feel free to browse the list below for several popular products Schott Textiles provides.


50″ 3.21 yd/lb (3.5 oz) 68×68 30s/30s

51″ 3.05 yd/lb (3.7 oz) 68×76 30s/30s


63″ 1.95 yd/lb (4.5 oz) 60×60 20s/20s


40″ 1.96 yd/lb (7.3 oz) 72×60

59″ 1.85 yd/lb (5.2 oz) 68×40

63″ 1.24 yd/lb (7.2 oz) 80×42 Poly/Cotton


7 oz, 84×28 count, dyeable and country of origin qualities available, able to meet your most critical apparel/home furnishings to commercial applications, customized constructions available.

WIDTHS AVAILABLE : 38″,47″,58″,63″,72″,75″


We have the TRUE “A” grade; superior weaving, full weight, clean and dyeable, 76×28 count, yarn sizes customized to specifications. Powerloom and Industrial grades also available.

WIDTHS AVAILABLE : 36″,40″,48″,50.5″,60″,63″


Plied yarns put us in business many years ago. We are the experts on tough, durable, and quality bottom weight ducks. Available in 10.10 oz and 12.65 oz, 54 x 42 count

WIDTHS AVAILABLE : 37″,45.5″,63″


63″ 1.40 yd/lb (6.5 oz) China 108×56

48″ 1.30 yd/lb (9.0 oz) Bull Denim 68×42

64″ .95 yd/lb (9.5 oz) Bull Denim 68×42

63″ .77 yd/lb (11.5 oz) Bull Denim 68×38


PVC and PU coatings, water resistant and UVI treated, 600Dx600D and 300Dx300D available, high quality and competitively priced.


10 oz stock program, specialists in custom dyeing and finishing, able to supply fabrics with enhanced color, deeper penetration, and better yields.


Natural, Black, Red, White, Royal Blue, Classic Brown, Hunter Green, Burgundy, Grey, Buttercup, Navy, Khaki, Nutmeg, Olive, Orange, Pink, Periwinkle, Yellow, Classic Burgundy, Olive Drab, Avocado, Purple, Grass Green, Turquoise, Lt Blue, Pastel Pink, Fuchsia, Snap Pink


Heavy, durable and quality constructed, custom widths available.


Number 12: 11.2 oz 36″,48″,60″,72″

Number 10: 15.0 oz 36″,48″,60″,72″

Number 8: 18.0 oz 36″,48″,60″,72″

Number 6: 21.0 oz 36″,48″,60″,72″

Number 4: 24.0 oz 36″,48″,60″,72″


Dyed and finished for a wide variety of apparel applications. Custom printing available.

WEAVING : Sulzer & Airjet loom quality

DYING  : Thorough prep & continuous dye capabilities

SANFORIZING & CRF FINISH : Mechanical & chemical shrinkage processing to spec

SPECIAL FINISHES : DWRT, Soil Resistance, Sueding,

INSPECTION : Complete fabric testing & inspection prior to shipment

QUANTITIES : Minimum dye lot size per color