Mike Sanders - Sales

Mike Sanders


Mike Sanders has been on the sales team with Schott Textiles for 14 years and has experience of over 30 years in the Textiles Industry. Mike graduated from Holkar Science College, Indore with multiple degrees (Botany, Zoology, Chemistry and Physics). Mike has been married to his soulmate Heena for 28 years and has two boys. Neil is studying at Clemson University and will be graduating this summer as an Industrial Engineer. Sahil is a Junior at South Carolina Governor’s school of Math and Science. Mike loves listening to music in many different languages as well as watching and coaching soccer.

Mike is amazed at how much the industry has changed over the years, from traditional weaving to highly sophisticated weaving machines to improve the quality of the fabrics that we sell. He enjoys watching all of the new developments taking place whether it be in production, manufacturing, or dyeing and finishing as this all benefits our customers in the end.

Contact Mike today 330-794-2121 ext 271 or msanders@schotttextiles.com